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Nightclub Insurance

Nightclub Insurance Information

A nightclub is the kind of place that people visit to let loose, have fun, and forget about their responsibilities for a little while. But nightclub owners don't have that luxury. In addition to actively ensuring the safety of their guests and employees, they must also secure a comprehensive insurance policy that covers all of the risks their business is left open to.

Property Insurance

A standard commercial property insurance policy will cover the nightclub building itself, if it is owned by the club owner, as well as the contents within the building. Coverage can extend to include outdoor signs, art and computer equipment, boilers and machinery. If the club is in a flood zone, the owner should consider a commercial flood insurance policy as a standard property insurance policy will not cover those damages.

Auto insurance may be necessary if the business owns any vehicles or for those employee vehicles operated on behalf of the business. Nightclubs offering valet parking should consider extending their coverage to protect the cars they park.

Business Insurance

Nightclub owners must consider all the various risks that could adversely affect his or her business and employees. Employee practices liability insurance will cover a nightclub owner against claims of improper employment practices such as discrimination or wrongful termination. Business continuation insurance can ensure that the nightclub owner has continuing income should they be unable to operate their nightclub for one of the reasons in the policy. Workers compensation insurance can cover the medical expenses and continuing income needs of employees who are injured on the job.

Liability Insurance

In addition to a general liability insurance policy, nightclub owners should consider adding liquor liability to pay for claims that could arise from patrons who are injured in the club by someone who is under the influence. These policies also cover incidents that happen outside when they involve a patron who was served in the club.